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Boston: May 22, 2013

By: Mike Forrester, Director of Sales

Last week in Chicago, I attended the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association’s (CIMA) luncheon on “Programmatic vs. High Impact Display Advertising”.  CIMA put together a panel representing both sides of this complex issue – publishers vs. marketers. It made for entertaining banter between Buzzfeed and Vox vs. Kellogg and DoubleClick. 

The panelists included:

·       Jim Bankoff - Chairman, CEO - Vox Media

·       Jonathan Perelman - Vice President of Agency Strategy and Development - BuzzFeed

·       Shelby Johnston - Head of DoubleClick Bid Manager Sales - Google/DoubleClick

·       Kevin Hartbarger - Midwest Director - Digital at OMD

·       Bob Arnold - Associate Director, Global Digital Strategy - Kellogg Company

Th  Publishers articulated their goal of being able to fully monetize their high impact site placements and create deeper content integrations and communities. They acknowledged that programmatic buying serves a purpose, but view it simply as a direct response channel with ads that lower overall site quality. 

The Marketers believed that programmatic buying can create tremendous value by using data and efficiency to create reach as part of an overall holistic media plan. There was some support for the growth of private exchanges, theorizing that they would allow publishers to better manage programmatic pricing and ad quality. Alternatively, Bob Arnold thought that programmatic would break down the walls of those exchanges as data and platforms continue to automate decisions more efficiently.

Curiously, mobile was brought up as quickly as it disappeared from the discussion. At the beginning of the conference, the crowd was polled and asked if they used their phone for an alarm clock and if it was the first thing they checked before bed and when they woke up. Not surprisingly, the whole room raised their hands.  Mobile devices are addictive and all consuming. We all seemed to agree.

However, the fact that the topic shifted immediately away mobile, reflected a serious gap in the conversation.  There wasn’t any disagreement on the growth of mobile and how reliant we are on our phones. What we hadn’t agreed on is where it fits into the marketing mix.

Yes, programmatic today is largely DR focused, but DR advertisers have traditionally been the first to figure out how to drive ROI through new channels. Yes, high impact is great but, with publishers seeing more and more users migrate to mobile, high impact ads will also have to quickly make the migration.

I believe that buying mobile programmatically can drive substantial ROI for marketers. Programmatic buying allows for pricing efficiencies but it also allows marketers to reach audiences at scale. At Adelphic, we’ve developed reliability in our mobile audience identification technology. Our mobile audience segmentation data and advanced targeting capabilities unlock powerful marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Showing me an ad on my iPhone at 7am on a cold Monday morning as I get up for work for the Marriott Hawaii? That’s high impact.

BOSTON: May 2, 2013

By: Mike Forrester, Director of Sales

Spring time in Boston. 70 degrees.  What a perfect setting for MITX’s Mobile Marketing Summit.  MITX put together such a tremendous line up of speakers and panels that even a sunny patio overlooking Boston Harbor wasn’t enough to pull us away.

The conference line up showed why Boston continues to be a hot bed for mobile innovation with companies like Jumptap, Celtra, Nexage, Digilant. Fiksu and yours truly, Adelphic!  And lets not forget our forward thinking agency partners at Mobext, Hill Holiday and Mullen.

If there was one consistent theme throughout the conference, it was be Data. During the first panel, Sean Corcoran, SVP, Director of Digital Media & Social Influence at mediahub/Mullen interviewed The Weather Company’s President of Digital,  Cameron Clayton.  Clayton was asked if he would bet the future of mobile advertising on better ad units or data. Clayton unequivocally answered that data is the key to the future of mobile advertising.

Panels consistently touched on key mobile issues; the lack of persistent cookies, fragmentation in ad tech, and looming privacy concerns. Understanding and making the vast amount of available mobile data actionable for advertisers and publishers will take the friction out of the market and accelerate spending.

Data continued to reign the day with Adelphic’s co-founder, Jennifer Lum, participating on a panel discussion on Precision Targeting – Innovation & Strategies. Mobext’s  VP, Mobile Marketing Director, Sarah Amitay then hosted Jennifer for a chat on Measuring Mobile: Challenges and Solutions in an Evolving  Media Landsape which spurred a lot of audience interaction and excitement around Adelphic’s  own audience data and targeting solutions.

On the brand side, we saw a great panel with Dave Tryder, Director, Digital Strategy at Dunkin Donuts interviewed by Hill Holiday’s Jeff Zannella, VP, Associate Media Director. Dunkin has charged ahead with mobile, constantly testing and refining their fantastic mobile payment app. This app gives Dunkin the data to better understand their customers and increase loyalty.

Overall, MITX put on a great day of mobile content and presenters. We had a blast! We’ll leave you with our favorite quote of the day from ExactTarget’s VP of Mobile Products, R.J. Taylor who said, “You can’t plan media out 18 months anymore, mobile changes so much.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Adelphic is shaping the future of mobile.

From AdExchanger:

Jennifer Lum, Co-Founder, Adelphic

"Mobile DSPs need to unlock the marketing potential of the largely anonymous mobile inventory available in market today. Mobile DSPs require advanced technology that enables faster and more complex processing on a much larger data set. Mobile DSPs need to collect, combine, analyze and process massive amounts of real-time data in order to execute successful campaigns.  Decisions must be made based on real-time analysis of over 100 mobile data points.

There are factors unique to mobile that DSPs must be able to handle across operating systems, browsers, apps, locations, and thousands of devices. An effective mobile DSP must offer robust solutions for each of these fundamental challenges:

  • Variability in data availability
  • User identification
  • Audience intelligence and segmentation
  • Tracking

Of course bidding, targeting, and optimization tools are also required. However they must be designed to consider mobile-specific data to drive real-time consumer behavior and positive ROI.”

Adelphic Mobile appoints Paul Harsha as Vice President of Engineering

Veteran technology leader, developer and Teaching Fellow at Harvard University joins Adelphic

Boston, MA., February 19, 2013 – Adelphic Mobile, a leader in audience-based mobile advertising solutions, announced today that it has appointed Paul Harsha as Vice President of Engineering.  Harsha has more than 25 years of experience in software development. He has built successful engineering teams and products at companies including FuseSource (acquired by Red Hat), Data Synapse (acquired by TICBO) and Avaki (acquired by Sybase). 

Harsha also serves as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, where he provides instruction on the advanced use of Java technology for distributed computing environments.  “As the media world moves to mobile, overcoming the challenges related to the lack of persistent IDs in mobile becomes increasingly important,” said Harsha. “Adelphic has a proven track record helping many of the world’s best known companies address this reality. I look forward to contributing to the next big chapter in mobile advertising.”

“Paul is a proven technology executive and is known as a leading authority on integration and messaging, enterprise infrastructure, data virtualization, and distributed computing,” said Changfeng Wang, Adelphic’s co-founder and CEO. “Adelphic is on a massive growth path and Paul’s expertise will ensure that we continue to deliver world-class products and services to our partners.”  Harsha will be based in Adelphic’s Boston headquarters and will report directly to Wang.

To learn more about Adelphic and its plans to shape the future of mobile advertising, please visit or @AdelphicMobile.


BOSTON, Mass., December 4, 2012 — Adelphic Mobile, developers of an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables brands to target their mobile customers with relevant ads, announced today that it has received a $10 million investment.  The investment was led by Google Ventures with participation from original investor Matrix Partners.  As part of the new investment, Rich Miner of Google Ventures has joined Adelphic’s board of directors.  The new funds will be used to accelerate product development and scale the company.

 Adelphic Mobile’s product targets ads in real-time by analyzing up to 30 ‘signals’ to identify customers, including their age, gender, time and place - not just their device and network.  Adelphic Mobile’s ability to make ad inventory actionable allows advertisers to unlock the potential of mobile ads to reach their consumers at the right time and place to make a purchase decision. In 2012, the majority of shoppers will see holiday offers first on their mobile device but that does not mean brands are able to capitalize on the opportunity. While over 75 percent of the people on the globe carry a mobile device, with over 90 percent carrying one in the US, the vast majority of mobile advertising inventory is anonymous, based solely on a combination of device and network data.

 “Our analysis shows that nearly two thirds of mobile ad requests do not meet the minimum ‘marketing actionable’ targeting requirements of brand companies,” said Adelphic co-founder Jennifer Lum.  “We know that devices don’t purchase things, people do, yet most other platforms focus on targeting devices. Our goal is to change the current vast ‘dark supply’ of anonymous mobile impressions into rich, audience-specific inventory for brands and media owners.”

 “We see a significant shift with people shopping or comparison shopping from their mobile devices, a trend that is already having a huge impact this holiday season,” said Rich Miner, general partner at Google Ventures and co-founder of Android.   “The Adelphic team is pioneering a new way to identify mobile consumers by taking vast amounts of data and mining it to develop a holistic picture of the mobile user for brand owners.”

 To learn more about Adelphic and its plans to shape the future of mobile advertising, please visit or @AdelphicMobile.

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Adelphic Mobile enables audience-based mobile advertising at scale. Adelphic’s powerful Predictive Data PlatformTM and intelligent AudienceCubeTM deliver unparalleled results for advertisers and media owners. Adelphic is based in Boston with offices in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.  Founded in 2010 by Changfeng Wang and Jennifer Lum, the Adelphic team is comprised of mobile industry veterans from companies such as Apple iAd, Quattro Wireless, Millennial Media, Enpocket and m-Qube.

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